Justin's 2018 Picks for Rhode Island

These are the campaigns that Justin is fundraising for in RI in 2018. Why worry about little blue Rhode Island when taking back a house of Congress is the highest priority? Read on.

For Governor of Rhode Island: Matt Brown

Former Secretary of State Matt Brown is challenging Gov. Gina Raimondo from the left, very much in the spirit of Bernie Sanders' challenge to Hillary Clinton (note Sanders won by 12 points here). Governor Raimondo has infuriated the state's environmental community by refusing to stand against new fossil-fuel projects, and is widely unpopular due to numerous administrative failures during her term. She will likely lose to a Republican if nominated. Matt Brown, on the other hand, brings a message of urgent action on climate change and economic inequality, and would cruise to victory in November. Because Brown has refused to accept fossil-fuel donations (Raimondo has literally accepted donations from the company proposing to build a fracked gas power plant here), he is counting on grassroots financial support.

For Lieutenant Governor: Aaron Regunberg

Aaron is my friend and a true progressive hero in Rhode Island. A two-term State Rep from Providence, he has led the organizing of both the Progressive caucus in our State House and the anti-Trump resistance in the state. He is running for LG (totally separate from Matt Brown and the governor's race) in order to build a 'rebel base camp' for progressives to organize legislative policy and strategy in the State House. It is crucial that Aaron defeat the incumbent DINO, in order to prove that a voice of courage on climate, inequality, choice, health care, and education can carry the day in our state. Aaron has infinite future potential in politics; donate to be a part of his rise!

For State House in District 68: Laufton Ascencao

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