Our small city is under attack by extremists—please help our Dems take it back!

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You probably readthat a Trump NH Campaign Co-Chair, a frightening right wing extremistresiding in our community, was just arrested by the FBI. Rochester isa former mill city of 30,000 in the southeast corner of NewHampshire. We have wonderful, hardworking people here. But afterPresident Obama’s 2008 victory, a very active group of extremeright wingers, 9-12 (Glen Beck) members, Birthers, Tea Partiers andFree State extremists came together and nested in our city, workingtogether on an agenda of fear and hate. They have become involved inour city, state, and federal politics, attacking Democrats andmoderate Republicans, and winning elections by hiding their realagenda under a layer of platitudes.

In the past few weeks, these extremistshave started to be exposed. Here’s what we are dealing with:

RochesterTea Party Leader Arrested on Federal Charges

We know you saw this one – yes,Jerry DeLemus is one of our local right wing extremists! The FBI hasfinally arrested him for his actions as “Sheriff” at the BundyRanch, and his local supporters are outraged…

NewHampshire lawmaker says Pope is 'antichrist' after Francis's exchangewith Donald Trump

Jerry’s wife, Susan, (Our StateRep!!) made national news with this gem! She also was recentlyfeatured on a CNN Primary piece ranting about how everyone is a“liar” except for Trump, of course. She’s also a birther whofought to keep President Obama off the ballot in New Hampshire.

Americansfor Prosperity open local office

The Koch Brothers opened a localoffice to capitalize on this “talent”, and they are organizing towin more influence in the 2016 elections.

WhyLibertarians Are Plotting to Take Over New Hampshire

As if we didn’t have enough troublewith the other groups….

Sadly, we have many more local examplesof these antics. These people do not reflect our values. But we needyour help if we are to have the resources to take our elected officesback!

The Rochester Democratic Committee iscommitted to raising awareness in our community about these groups,and to pursuing an aggressive plan to recruit Democrats to defeatthese incumbents and expose the Koch agenda in our state. We will usemail, social media, and canvassing to do that, and we would love tohave a storefront office to counter the Koch office if we raiseenough money. The NH legislature is a volunteer group, with StateReps only getting paid $100 per year, so we will have to help ourDemocratic recruits run winning campaigns.

If we all chip in, we have anopportunity to defeat the Koch agenda and these extremist groups, andflip a great little city back to a Democratic stronghold! But wecan’t do it without you.

Please help with your contribution of$3 or whatever you can afford. With your support, we can do this.

Thanks for joining the battle againstthese radical right-wing extremists!

Walter Hoerman, Chair, Rochester NHDemocratic Committee

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