Defeat far-right Trump/Putin-loving Republican Dana Rohrabacher in 2018

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Dana Rohrabacher is a far-right, Trump-sucking, Putin-loving nutjob who has been representing Russians -- sorry, Californians -- in Congress since 1989. Rohrabacher is as bad as they come. His Democratic opponent is Harley Rouda, who supports a $15 minimum wage, Medicare for all, and free tuition at public colleges.

And best of all, the race is a dead heat! It’s tied, in what once was a solid Republican district.

Rohrabacher is in serious danger of losing his seat -- the race has been rated a "toss-up," and it's one of seven seats being specifically targeted by Democrats in California, as part of their goal to take back the House. I cannot think of any Republican member of Congress, short of Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes, who deserves to lose this fall in the coming Democratic wave.

Rohrabacher's numbers are terrible, in large part because of his tight embrace of Donald Trump. In a recent poll, only 38% of likely voters approved of Rohrabacher's job performance, while 50% disapproved. That's why the race is rated a "toss-up," Rohrabacher is in trouble.

Just to give you a sense of who Rohrabacher is, he's bad on immigration, denies the existence of global warming, supports repealing the Affordable Care Act, opposes gay marriage, defended Russia's annexation of Ukrainian Crimea. Rohrabacher is so pro-Putin that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy once told other Republican members in private that "There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump. Swear to God." And, not surprisingly, Rohrabacher has also supported far-right Infowars conspiracy theories like claiming Democrats were behind the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I'll be popping a bottle of champagne in November if -- no, when -- we unseat this guy. Please donate now.

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