LEADING on CLIMATE — Climate activist and climate educator Root Routledge for Citizen Congressman

INVEST IN A VIABLE FUTURE: Donate to Root's campaign, invest in our future. The Republican incumbent is a human-caused climate denier and knows nothing about our urgent existential crisis or what to do about it. The climate emergency is his strategic weakness and Root will beat him with extensive knowledge of climate science, climate impacts and climate policy.

Any amount helps, but if you have deeper pockets and can help infuse my campaign with $300-500 or more, that would a big help as travel expenses and campaign material printing costs currently exceed donations. My funding need is basic: travel costs and printed materials — no campaign entourage, consultants or fancy ads; it's just me, Root.

Root For Citizen Congressman - Candidate Root Routledge — the ONLY Colorado Congressional candidate LEADING on CLIMATE.

Thank you very much.


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