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Society has a responsibility to its citizens, in the same way that companies must answer to their employee’s needs. That needs are at the core of what holds us together as a community. That alone, we cannot stand, without the aid of those who provide for us and help us along our journey. That those at the top must answer to the needs of its citizens, and its citizens must agree to the terms of its rulers in order to have an effective social contract. That inclusion sets up cooperation and diversity.


We as a people have a need to feel safe, to live free, and to pursue our happiness. We have a need to let our children know they are safe from harm and that they can sleep soundly at night. We have a need to secure our borders, and to ensure the survival of our offspring. We have a need for clean air, food, and water. To feel included and not marginalized. We have a need for values, structure, to preserve our history, our identity and to feel our emotions uninhibited by others. To place ourselves within our community and to worship as we see fit. It is a need that has most recently come under attack.

We know that the right to swing our fists stop where their noses begin, a value we see persistently violated by todays political environment.

That corrupt governance cannot possibly serve the wide range of human needs and interests. That identity stems from a unified state that houses its freedom allowing it to exist. That those standing afar could only admire the delicate fabric that composes Americas diversity. It is a type of Unity that protects the freedom to be, feel, love, say, and worship uninhibited by those that wish to divide us.


That inclusion for a wide range of business interest ultimately diversified the economy to the levels we see today. That true democracy is more inclusive than the seductive marches of corrupt government and hate. That peace will triumph in the end.During a moment of leadership.

I realize that gratitude is one of our sharpest tools in galvanizing a community. It stems from inclusion and not fear. That as a community we can measure our success by the gratitude expressed by those we interact with. That gratitude for our neighbor instills peace in our community, and cultivates a better future.

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