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This is Deian.

About a Century ago, my ancestors immigrated to the USA, as workers, and later became citizens. They were essentially aliens in their state, and fought a long and hard battle that culminated in their grandchildren being able to go to College. Many years later, a new chapter in their American Story has opened. 

Their Autistic Great-Grandson is running for City Council of his city: Portland Oregon. 

My name is Deian Salazar(Pronounced Dee-inn Sall-uh-zar), and I have lived a tough life. I've moved from city to city, state to state, living in places all across the country. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but my earliest memories are from where I lived in San Diego, California. After I lived in Salt Lake City, then moved here to Portland Oregon in Middle School. I voraciously studied history, economics, psychology, foreign policy, and the challenges of the community. I grew up in a fosterhome, with nothing to call my own, prejudiced due to my Autism(As if I can have any social skills, the statistical impossibility! This is why I will fight boldly as odds are something I've always overcome.) waiting for the time I could contribute to the people and lead.

And now I'm ready to give back. As the First Autistic Politician in Oregonian History. 


(Proud to be Portlander)

Here are 6 of my many priorities if elected to City Council:

Point 1:

  • Mass Education System overhaul for helping our disabled people and youth.

I was underestimated consistently in the Education System, and know many other now-adults who feel the same way. I saw firsthand the good intentions and potential of the Teaching Staff, the unreliably rigid nature of the system, and the unintentional mistreatment as well as underestimation of the Disabled Population and Youth. I intend to fight for the rights of the disabled and youth to reach their full potential. 

We should overhaul the budget, cut unnecessary expenditures, improve teacher flexibility and freedom for teaching, focus more on classes that focus on social and life skills such as Psychology, English, Economics, and History. History helps us understand who we are, and helps us think about context and complex issues. If we can improve the Social, Reasoning, Personal, and Life Skills of our students, we can enhance our youth's ability to leverage all they have at their disposal and bring out the full use of their full potential, instead of pushing hard for them to be overspecialized in stuff such as Mathematics or Biology; which is extremely important work that deserves to be applauded and taught, but not at the expense of other core skills we overlook. Let's raise the next leaders of our people.

Point 2:

  • Passing a Temporary Basic Income Program at around 150-300 dollars a month over a flexible time period that focuses on also providing Job Training/Job Security, to reduce our homeless population and encourage economic growth and the income growth of the average person.

For too long, our mayors and city council have promised to help our homeless population. But they haven't done enough! They still live out on the streets, they need housing, they need jobs! The entire city is suffering! We now need a program that helps both our homeless citizens and the average person, to prevent them from becoming homeless. We need to fight! 

This program will allow us to give back to our citizens, and our brave homeless population. Let's make this aspiration a reality! Let's end the cycle of homelessness and the plight of low-income families! Let's make Portland Safe Again!


(Let's Restore Portland)

Point 3:

  • Investment in small local businesses to build up the local economy and allow the common man to be Business owners and allow the average person to be employed with longer .

I shall work to pass a portion of the budget dedicated solely to investment in potential new businesses, ran by people of any income. Depending on how much the idea seems it could be beneficial and how prepared and qualified they seem to run it-which does not discriminate on education or wealth level-we will seriously consider and possibly agree to invest startup funds. Sometimes, we may even invest a larger portion of funds in exchange for returns. We shall do this by whatever legal means necessary. This will also help employ the homeless and kickstart the economy without agreeing to reckless investments. Any business proposals will be vetted by professional investors and economists, and they must hire only citizens in the city that should be paid better or earn too little income. 

Point 4:

  • Finally ending the Housing Crisis and massive investment in Infrastructure.

The Housing Crisis in Portland is insane! We need to find ways to reduce the prices of housing in this great City, as well as give more incentive to sell houses at cheaper prices. This is a huge issue and is holding back Portland's Economic Growth and Prosperity. We deserve better than this! We need to invest in our infrastructure, and finally end these outrageous prices once and for all! If we do not, the city will decline.

Let's buy housing and resell it at cheap prices to the working class, all the while taxing the rich to subsidize the housing market while we find a more permanent solution.

Point 5:

  • Policy Package: Basic Income of 200 dollars more for all those who work and who's income is 61,000 or less per year, with a 3% Tax Cut, and 17 Dollar Minimum Wage. 110,000 or less with those who lead households.

Sometimes, we struggle in life. It's okay. It's time to give those who are employed and middle and low income hope. We need to think beyond single-action solutions, and think of how genuine reforms and a mix of solutions can help give our people what they need.  

Point 6:

  • Raise Taxes on the Wealthy and High-Net-Income Businesses by 15%

Portland needs to pay for these reforms. It's time the rich pay their fair share, and give their wealth to people who need it. Portland needs to fight for the people, the working class, the middle class, not the rich. Actual specifications for what qualifies is flexible, and will be decided upon by a public referendum. We need some level of Direct Democracy!

Let's all come together, beyond party. Let's fight for Portland. Let's fight for who we are.

Let's win this election. 

Contribution rules

  1. I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
  2. This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  3. I am at least eighteen years old.