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Dear Conscientious Citizen,

    It's no secret that Portland school facilities have been deteriorating for decades. You've probably heard about lead in the pipes, but you may not have heard about the widespread fire safety, seismic, and asbestos issues that plague schools across the city.

     That’s why we, a group of high school students in Portland Public Schools, decided to create SHOVELS (Students Helping Organize Votes to Enhance Learning Spaces), a political action committee dedicated to passing the Health, Safety, and Modernization Bond (Measure 26-193) this May. Passing this bond would ensure that the next generation of students inherits safe, modern schools, not decrepit health hazards.

    We won't personally benefit from this bond, but we want to leave our schools stronger and safer than we found them so that future students can reach their highest potential.

    To begin our goal of reaching every eligible voter in the city with our message, we need to raise at least ten dollars from every person who reads this message by our Month To Go Fundraising Deadline on April 16th. Please rush a gift of any amount so we can cover a thousand dollars of printing costs and sponsor our social media advertisements.



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