Sister District for Cheryl Turpin (VA SD-7)

In 2017, Sister District helped Cheryl get elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. Now, she's running for the State Senate, and has a real chance to flip a seat and help turn the VA Senate blue.

Cheryl spent almost three decades as a high school science teacher making a difference in the lives of her students. As a science teacher at Cox, Princess Anne, and Tallwood High Schools, Delegate Turpin has strong ties across Virginia Beach’s 7th Senate District.

Delegate Turpin currently represents Virginia Beach in the 85th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. She has played a key role in bringing Medicaid Expansion to Virginia, increasing teacher pay, and giving struggling schools the resources they need. As a State Senator, she will keep fighting for education, healthcare and keeping our air and water clean.


We are focused on raising early money for our Virginia alums, who cannot raise money once their legislative session begins in January -- and the first big reporting deadline is on December 31. A robust war chest will not only help to catapult these campaigns, making it possible for them to hire talented field staff and pay for ads, there's a chance that a big fundraising haul could scare off GOP candidates from challenging incumbent Dems.

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