Sharmin Smith for President 2020

I am the author of the book Taming The Tida. A fictional story about politics, religion and a reality TV show, published in January 2015, 6 full months before Trump announced his campaign.

I've always had a reputation for knowing things I couldn't possibly know, and my book is 400 pages of proof. I have watched in agony as my dream turned into a nightmare, I am ready to take my dream back.

I refuse to believe there is anything so wrong with this country that it can't be corrected with a little common sense and compassion. Rather than sit on the sidelines and armchair quarterback the issues, I'm brave and crazy enough to jump on the playing field to challenge the status quo.

If you want to know how to drain a swamp, I used a Duck Dynasty reference to explain it perfectly in Chapter 21 of my book, it's on Amazon.

I know this is a crazy, impossible dream. This is America, and anything is possible if you try. I'd like to try. If you'd like to see what I can do, donate $1. Thank you

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