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No One Will Outwork Me As A Candidate

No One Will Outwork Me As Your Commissioner

I am the ONLY candidate in this race who earned their way onto the ballot by collecting hundreds of voter signatures vs. buying my way on.

Two days after surgery on my face to remove skin cancer, I was out knocking on doors to collect an extra 100 signatures.

Was it hard talking to people with my face bandaged? No! Because I know what is important is how hard you work and how much you care.

That's why other hardworking Democrats like Kim Olson, Steve Kling, Chetan Panda and Kolby Duhon have endorsed our campaign.

I am fighting hard for safe roads, first responders, clean water and green spaces in Precinct 3. County-wide, I am prioritizing everyone being able to vote in 30 minutes or less, food justice, criminal justice reform, access to preventative healthcare for children and renewable and clean energy.

The Republican incumbent has been watching us. And he has decided not to seek re-election. Whoever wins the primary is in a great position to make history and flip this seat.

I am asking for you support so we can flip this last elected office in Travis County - Commissioner Precinct 3 to beautiful, Democratic, bluebonnet blue in 2020. 

Sheri Soltes

Democratic Candidate for Travis County Commissioner Pct. 3

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