Shift the Country PAC

Shift the Country PAC


To win in 2020, Democrats need to grow, expand, and evolve what it took to win the 2018 election, especially in the formerly-known-as-red-states. We’ve got to win the rural country to protect and advance the entire country. The Republican party and Mr. Trump are endangering our values, our constitution, our national security, and our future. 


We need a wider reach and inventive approaches to win the Electoral College and the US Senate – both of which are weighted to favor rural areas.

So let’s get out and win over rural America. We’re a country that dreams big, after all.


Now is the moment of power. The Shift the Country work is made for this moment. We’ve got tools to make shift happen. We win by strategically engaging the majority of voters – ASAP. We start in more diverse and populated rural cities, micro-cities, networks, and constituencies. We move outward to smaller towns and rural areas.


We deliberately create tipping points.

  • We methodically & organically reach, engage, & persuade potentially supportive voters.
  • We start by spreading community engagement tools & activities that volunteers + coalitions can lead.
  • Cutting-edge tools + activities build on & expand established campaign + resistance work.
  • Distributed organizing helps spread use of the tools through social networks; digital marketing expands reach.
  • We amplify activities, conversations, & shift as it happens.
  • We leverage & grow community + connection.


We create a phenomenon. We create localized, small-scale, large-scale, and viral real-world and online tipping points. There’s a formula: we pay attention to context, stickiness, the people in social networks, the networks themselves, and how communities work. We use language, framing, attention to values, and we listen to what is important to people's hearts. We embrace and celebrate humanity. We generate so much activity, messaging, and buzz that we grow a movement in all kinds of places, and in online and real-world social networks everywhere. 


Winning the election and strengthening American communities – that’s shift we can believe in. Rural areas have been hit hard by the recession, globalization, automation, agricultural consolidation, and population decline. History and thirty years of culture wars have left a trail of resentment and bias. We can champion ways forward.


The Shift the Country initiative is vision, hope, work on priorities, problem-solving, and action – not just far-off national policy talk. Coordinated and strategic attention, activity, and sensation can create noticeable real-world shifts in communities – through the primaries and into the general election. It’s work that will build power, resilience, connection, and community. It’s innovation and economic development and coalition-building.

Shift the Country tools are in development for publication and marketing ASAP as funding coalesces.


Tools can help with the creative tension between where we are and where we intend to be – a key for volunteers at every level seeking to get voters invested, engaged, committed to act, and sold on voting for Democrats. We all need to understand and communicate the stakes in order to create a thriving, flourishing America.

Tools can engage and persuade while also fostering problem-solving, vision-building, economic development, economic equality, innovation, entrepreneurialism, climate justice, prosperity, sustainability, and structural reform to help Americans in cities, micro-cities, and towns advocate for and make change they need to survive and to thrive.


Bonus Features!


  • Shift the Country tools counter tyranny – by helping renew & update institutions & faith in them, & by updating the social contract. An aspiring tyrant offers fear + abyss. Democratic volunteers & politicians can do substantive work now on reachable ways forward that help people, businesses, & communities flourish.
  • Shift the Country tools increase resilience – which we’re going to need as climate change unfolds & world complexity increases. Resilience helps us bounce back from the unexpected & the unimaginable.


This isn’t “shift the state.” It’s not “shift the district.”


It’s Shift the COUNTRY. The whole thing. To the left.


Join us! Incredible people like you, and businesses like yours, are helping make this shift happen –


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Your gifts are investments, reinforcements, & amplifiers. Thank you.

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Let's make this shift happen.

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