Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Orange County

Calling all Berniecrats!

Gear up with the official Feel the Bern OC Mobile Field Office canvassing t-shirts!

We are going to get Senator Bernie Sanders along with our local Progressive warriors elected. But to do it we have to put on our walking shoes and throw on our canvassing shirts!

Each of us is a Mobile Field Office, ready to talk about the important issues. Grab this shirt and wear it during canvassing events, rally's, actions, or just around town!

These shirts are union-printed, made in the USA, pre-shrunk, and 100% cotton.

T-shirts are available for pick-up at our regular club meetings and events we hosts.

Can't make it to our meetings but still want a shirt?

Reach out to us at:


to arrange for other delivery.

All proceeds go to support the electoral and policy efforts of Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Orange County.

Size Chart-

Bernie's Mobile Field Office Shirt

Bernie's Mobile Field Office Shirt

Pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirts in Blue. Unisex. MADE IN THE USA AND UNION PRINTED!


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