Laura Kelly

Laura Kelly is a four-term Kansas State Senator with a hard-won reputation for bipartisanship, fiscal responsibility, and plain ol’ gettin’ shit done. She’s been butting heads with Sam Brownback and his legion of far-right nutcases for years, trying to slow them down as they did all they could to drag Kansas back into the damn dark ages. Kelly fought to reverse Brownback’s disastrous tax cuts, which made the rich richer while leaving the state so broke they couldn’t afford to keep the lights on in public schools.

And Laura has a long history of fighting for children, whereas her opponent fights for white supremacy. The fact that this is even competitive depresses me.

After years of destructive ultra-right-wing insanity, Laura Kelly has the experience and the plan to get Kansas back on the path to prosperity. She’ll expand Medicaid under the ACA. She’ll fight to improve schools, rather than raiding their budgets in search of extra pennies to pass on to GOP donors. Hell, even former Republican Kansas Governor Bill Graves endorsed her over her megajag opponent.

I spent the first half of my life in Kansas. You probably see it as one of those of those midwestern red states you never bother thinking about, but it’s full of good people who deserve good government. What say we help turn Brownbackistan back into the Sunflower State, huh?

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