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When I was 10 years old, my mother told me that I would attend college to earn a degree. I didn't understand the importance at that moment but she committed to my education. She enrolled me at Forest Park CC as a dual enrollment student in my last year of high school. At that moment, I understood how important my education was to her and myself. Later I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Missouri St Louis, as my mother watched me cross the stage. 

The importance of education and stability has been a focal point of my life. Education and finance work closely together no matter the task at hand.
I posses a background in the financial industry and being held responsible to educated people on the best options.
I want to guarantee affordable and quality education for every student.

I'm running to become your next trustee of the St Louis CC board to ensure that students are put first. My vision for being first means that the budget is adequately managed and the students are always priority. Creating avenues for every student while enhancing minds and changing lives is my priority. 

My name is Ciera Simril and I'm asking for your vote on April 4th for St Louis CC trustee.

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