Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee (WI)

A slice of pizza

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This week, our volunteers have knocked on thousands of doors in Wisconsin for the start of our Get Out the Vote effort! Never before have I seen such energy and passion.

People who have never volunteered on a political campaign before have come streaming into our offices all over the state because they know this election is too important to sit on the sidelines. We knew that our volunteer force would be large, we just didn't know it'd be this large.

Because of this, I need to ask your help one last time. Our offices are in desperate need of water and food for these volunteers who are out on the streets knocking on doors for 3, 6, or even 10 hours at a time.

Will you chip in $3, $6, or $10 to make sure that each volunteer has a bottle of water and a slice of pizza at the end of their shift?

Everybody in this movement has helped move us one step closer to taking back our state. Whether you have made phone calls, talked to friends about voting, or wore through a pair of shoes while knocking on doors.

We know that the final step is to get out on the doors and make sure that people vote on November 4th. Your donation of $3, $6, or $10 will feed our army of volunteers.

These last few days will determine the race. Please chip in today to make a difference.


Joel Gratz

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