Spencer Bounds for HD-82

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Hello! My name is Spencer Bounds, and I am running for Texas House of Representatives, District 82, against Tom Craddick, a Republican former Speaker of the Texas House who was first elected in 1968 (yes, 50 years ago -- that's a DECADE before my parents were born, y'all!). District 82 covers Midland, Upton, Dawson, Martin, and Crane Counties –which includes towns like Midland, Crane, Stanton, Lamesa, and Rankin. 

I am the first Democrat to take on this challenge since 2008, and at 24, I am the 4th-youngest Texas House candidate on the ballot this year for the Democrats.

It’s high time West Texas had a real choice in their leadership, and it’s high time we had someone speaking in favor of progressive values out here. 

Regarding those values – my number one priority is safeguarding and enriching our public education system, from pre-K on through university. It is imperative that we do everything we can to ensure ALL of our students are properly prepared to lead productive, successful lives. That means things like expanding the free breakfast program to include lunch, making sure that all students have access to both college-preparatory programs and technical education, reducing the cost of public college and university, and making sure our teachers are paid well and have all the resources they need to do the most important work of molding the next generation. 

Another huge priority for my campaign is voting rights (including anti-gerrymandering initiatives, making it easier to register voters,be a registered voter, and to vote, educating all our people about government and how they can best become an active participant, and making sure that all our people have direct and easy access to their leaders). 

Once we have a better-educated and politically-active people, it is my belief that most of our other problems will quickly be eradicated. Education is indeed the silver bullet, and having the most active participatory democracy is everyone’s golden ticket. 

That said, I will not ignore our most immediate problems.Our people need jobs. They need healthcare. They need a sturdy roof over their heads. They need to be able to live their lives free from oppression in all forms. And I intend to make that happen. 

Here comes the part that I honestly hate. It’s a reality of our system that running for office is prohibitively expensive. Even if I am elected, I will still have to work nearly full-time because Texas state legislators are paid only $14,400 for each two-year term. That’s something else I will work to change, because when we’re not paying our legislators, we’re actively preventing most people from BEING legislators. That means that people like me (I wait tables for a living), certainly can’t afford to pay for a campaign alone. 

So, I need your help. $5 is great. $25 dollars is fantastic. $100 is phenomenal. $500 is so wonderful I’ll probably never stop talking about it. Making your donation, of any level, a monthly one, is simply astounding. Please consider contributing to my campaign today. I appreciate it, my staff certainly appreciates it, and the good people of District 82 will appreciate it more than you know. 

Here’s the final thing – my email, should you have ANY questions, comments, ideas, or concerns, is spencer@spencer4texas.com. I’m the only person with access to this email, so all messages are read by me personally and all responses are written by me. As for my website, it will be up before the end of the month! Stay tuned! Also, feel free to forward this information to anyone and everyone. If you or anyone you know would like to get involved on the campaign, please let me know!


Here’s the sign up form: http://bit.ly/2AyI1XU


Thank you all so much for your time and your support!

Spencer Bounds,

Democratic Nominee for Texas House of Representatives, District 82

Midland, Texas

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