Kellen Squire

Help us secure a brighter future for working Virginia families!

Virginia is on the cusp of something big. The people we send to Richmond over the next few years will be making the decisions that will affect our Commonwealth's next hundred years.

Authoritarianism. The Climate crisis. Gun violence. Infrastructure. Affordable healthcare. Schools and teacher pay. Sustainable, well-paying jobs. A stable and resilient economy. These are major challenges that are here now. That need answers today.

We need a voice in Richmond that will fight unapologetically for working Virginia families. Someone willing to do the hard work to help solve these problems now, not kick the can down the road to our kids.

Donate today, and help us send an ER Nurse to Richmond to fight for every working Virginia family, in every corner and every zip code of the Commonwealth. From Abingdon to Arlington. Chesapeake to Charlottesville.

Let's bring progress to Virginia- together.

PS- If you prefer to donate by check, the address is:

Kellen Squire for Lieutenant Governor

PO Box 7662

Charlottesville, VA 22906

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