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Friends -

In today's Oregonian, the Republican Party revealed their strategy to defeat me. And while it's shocking, it's not really a surprise:

"Jeff Merkley is a freshman senator and is very vulnerable in Oregon because he didn't win by that large of a margin (in 2008), and because it's a brand new fundraising environment with Citizens United," said Greg Leo, spokesman for the Oregon Republican Party. ... "We'll have money given from all over the country," Leo said.

That's right. They're already planning the SuperPAC attack-ad assault. That's not a surprise - I've been taking on the most powerful industries in America, holding them accountable, and defending our progressive values.

But I know that you're on my side. Let's show Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and all their billionaire buddies what a people-powered campaign looks like.


Senator Jeff Merkley

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