Randall Friese

Small but Steady Wins the Race

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Or Never underestimate the power of a small, regular donation. Money is tight. We know that. We also know that you are being inundated with requests from other candidates and non-profits.

But, the reality is we still need your help.

The good news is that small, regular donations can have a tremendous impact!   Small donations show wide support; regular donations show a loyalty to the candidates ideals.

We are looking for 250 supporters of Dr. Friese to donate $10, $15 or $20 a month for the next 9 months of the campaign. These donations will provide a large part of our financial needs!

Can we count on you to support Dr. Friese with a 'Small But Steady' donation? If you sign up today...

  • You will be invited to a monthly call-in campaign update with Dr. Friese.
  • You will be doubly-excited on election night when Dr. Friese wins because you know you were a part of the win!
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE... As a regular donor you will receive:
  • NO pesky fundraising phone calls from the candidate or staff!
  • Guilt-free slumber because you know you are doing your part for Democracy!
Your donation could be the difference between a pro-choice, pro-public education, pro-voter rights, pro-gay marriage, pro-business Democrat and ...the opposite.

So, please, make a small but steady donation today. It will make a positive impact on Arizona's future!

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