Stefanie Smith

Fight the Violence of Poverty

I have personally struggled with the violence of poverty: homelessness, domestic and sexual abuse, inadequate medical and dental care, working multiple low wage jobs, crippling medical and student loan debt, as well as bigotry and judgment regarding the realities of survival in this failing system. I refuse to idly stand by while we are stripped of our rights and left to suffer painful and unnecessary early deaths.

"Affordable Healthcare" is killing us. We need single-payer healthcare to ensure that healthcare is a right. Our social safety nets need to be stronger now, even before accounting for the impacts of the climate crisis. That means not only strong energy and climate policy, but also policy to safely and sustainably house our most vulnerable. That is why I endorsed the Homes Guarantee Plan by People's Action in addition to the Green New Deal as well as the Fracking Ban by the Illinois Coalition Against Fracking.

My campaign is powered by unionists, veterans, students, graduate employees, activists, retirees, teachers, musicians, therapists, and many more community members who are in solidarity with our shared struggles. That's you, that's me, that's our community, and that's what real representation is about.

Donate on ActBlue or send checks to the address below. If you can't afford to donate, your time matters the most. Please sign up at and we'll see you on the picket lines for the people's strike that we need to survive.

Stefanie Smith for the People

P.O. Box 662

Urbana, IL, 61801

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