Stand up for Charlottsville. Elect immigrants, trans people, and people of color to the Virginia legislature.

H/T Katie Pfeiffer:

I've been trying to figure out what to do about Charlottesville. Here's what I'm going with: fuck off, Nazis, let's elect some people of color to the Virginia legislature.

Virginia, for some weird reason, holds their state elections in November 2017. Republicans hold the Virginia legislature, and those Repubs hold 17 districts that Hillary Clinton won. Dems are 17 seats short of a majority. If they get that majority, they'll immediately expand Medicaid to 400,000 people. They'll do other good things on Day 2.

In 7 of those Clinton-Republican districts, a person of color or member of a minority group is the Democratic nominee. What better way to say fuck the KKK than to elect black folks, immigrants, trans people, and people of color to the Virginia legislature?

I'm giving $20 to each of their campaigns. Click through and give some money yourself. If you don't have any money, you can volunteer to phone canvas for them. It'll be fun, I promise. I'll do it with you.

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