Stop F45CISM

Raising Awareness of the Ugly Re-emergence of Fascism

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

      — George Santayana (1863)

Wisdom is a hard-won form of knowledge that is often gained as a result of great sacrifice. This cannot be truer of the lessons learned with the rise of fascism in the early and mid twentieth century. Our forefathers paid dearly in life and treasure to deliver a world mostly free of this ugly ideology. It’s shocking that fascist beliefs are on the rise again. It’s hard to conclude anything other than it being result of letting our guard down.

Fascism has re-emerged in the form of Trumpism

The efforts of Trump and his administration to institute fascist ideologies is reprehensible. There are no less than fourteen tenants of fascism, of which Trump and his base of supporters have violated every one. The only way to fight this modern form of fascism is to provide proof of its existence and to raise awareness as quickly as possible.

Our mission at Stop F45CISM is to expose Trumpism with a megaphone

Stop F45CISM is a federal PAC formed to urgently raise awareness of the near daily atrocities that Trump and his administration commit against our democracy, constitution and people. We are actively collecting news and information that demonstrates the rise of fascism and highlighting it via this website.

Making the number 45 a symbol of shame

Trump is very proud of his status as the 45th president of the United States. He has his clothing monogrammed and trinkets made featuring the number 45 prominently. Our goal is to stigmatize the number 45 as a symbol of shame. It’s our responsibility to fight fascism to honor the sacrifices made by our forefathers. The resemblance of the number 45 to the Nazi symbol and its readability as the letters AS in F45CISM is uncanny.

We’re not saying Trump is a Nazi

But neo-Nazis are saying he’s a Nazi. Trump is championing their causes. The fascist elements of society are feeling emboldened to come out of hiding and are actively spreading their hateful message to recruit our young and vulnerable. The only solution short of violence is to win the war of information.

Winning the information war

Books have been written about the modern day news bubbles with which most of society now surround themselves. Most of the news is now spread through social media, and often in the form of pithy and fraudulent memes. It’s an easy and cheap means to influence an audience, especially the young. While it’s unfortunate that society has taken this turn, the only way to win the information war is to jump in the trenches. Counterpoints to historically ugly ideologies must be presented wherever possible. Misinformation and outright lies must be countered with historical lessons, data and solid evidence. In the end, truth must win the day — or we are truly lost.

We need your help

We know you’ve grown weary of funding appeals. We get that, and we feel the same. The unfortunate reality is that the loudness of the megaphone is dictated by how big a megaphone you can afford. Our hope is that you’ll agree that the rise of fascism in modern America urgently requires the largest megaphone possible. Our goal is to earn and maintain your trust that we at Stop F45CISM can maximize the effectiveness of your contribution and help win the war of ideas. Please help if you can. Thank you.

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