Stop the NRA in VA 2017

You can make a meaningful impact on gun safety this November by supporting opponents of the 20 most vulnerable NRA-endorsed candidates for Virginia state legislature.

Gun violence is an epidemic in America, and the NRA spends millions of dollars each year to elect politicians who will block any attempts to fight it. Virginia is having an election of national importance this November, and the NRA is counting on you to do nothing to stop them from buying state legislators who will prioritize the NRA’s agenda over the safety and will of the people.

The NRA-controlled Virginia House of Delegates took Virginia from having some of the nation’s strongest concealed carry permit standards to recognizing concealed carry permits from any state, including those that don’t perform full criminal background checks. They also voted in 2014 to remove the ability of local law enforcement to prevent people from owning heavy weapons, including bazookas!

We have identified the 20 most vulnerable NRA-endorsed candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates this November. All of them have an A-grade from the NRA and are being opposed by strong Democrats who can win with your help.

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