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In this day and age we face many challenges. Poverty, wage inequality, discrimination, and terrorism. While these are terrible issues, there is an issue that is by far more dangerous, and threatens our very safety and security. Gun control. Over the past five years we have witnessed shootings of unarmed American children, countless unarmed civilians, and now, the LGBT community faces massacres and threats of violence on American soil.

As a gay individual, I pride myself in my culture and my strong community. I am horrified at our political system's inability to push through gun reform after the Sandy Hook massacre. I am even more horrified that despite that warning the largest massacre on American soil was still pushed through by an individual who shouldn't have been armed in the first place. People often say it is not guns that kill people, it is people that kill people. I partially believe this to be true.

It seems that Republican politicians would rather accept money from the powerful gun lobbyists that fund their campaigns over making changes that protect the interests of the American public. As a political strategist, I can understand why. However, I now would like to present a different course of action. Instead of taking funds from a PAC that promotes the sale of semi-automatic weapons for "leisure" and "self-defense", I offer a different plan of action.

The Stop These Bullets PAC will directly combat gun lobbyists. Every vote, every veto, every fillibuser will not only be published but broadcast. Any politician who decides that the linings of their bank account and their political career are more important than the safety of their constituents does not deserve to be in office. Any politician that believes that a semi-automatic weapon is valid for "self-defense" clearly has no combat training nor sense of logic as a 9mm handgun is more efficient, more compact and more than enough.

I am not forming this super-PAC to take away our second amendment right to bear arms. I am forming it to force a policy and regulatory change. No American citizen should be able to purchase a weapon faster than ordering a pizza. After the innocent slaughter of the 49 members of my community I am beyond sad: I am livid, and I am not alone. It has been a small joke that if anyone can cause a change, it is the LGBT community. Let us not let the lives of the 49 citizens massacred in Orlando be in vain. Join me in causing the reform that is desperately needed to protect more than the LGBT community, but the American public: our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.

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