A Working Man Fighting for Working Families

I'm proud to be fighting for Missourians like you and me, and I won't compromise my values for money. That's why I'm not taking donations from big money special interests, corporate PACs, or lobbyists.

I know that every dollar I get from working class folks is hard fought, and I treat it as such. I'm not blowing big money on TV or radio ads, I'm using your donations to reach out directly to the people of the district about what's at stake this election.

For every $10 in donations we can provide print materials, food, and water for a volunteer to knock 60 doors and talk to a dozen people to deliver our message and listen to what matters to them.

When I become your next representative, I'll support immediately expanding medicaid, and push for a medicare-for-all system. I'll stand up against the anti-union interest groups that are trying to tear down our hard-working families. I'll vote for raising the minimum wage to $15/hr.

The 47th deserves a leader who will stand up for the people, not the corporations or lobbyists.

Thanks again for your support.

-Adrian Plank

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