Donate to Tarrant County Tejano Democrats (TX)

Dear Friends,

Please donate today to support the causes, mission and goals of the Tarrant County Tejano Democrats.

By donating today, you will contribute to funds that will be used:

  1.   To create a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and practical website that can be used to promote our group, host a community calendar, provide educational resources, facilitate email sign-ups, take donations, share news and provide toolkits for our members to help them recruit new supporters, organize thier communities and build up our organization.
  2. Help pay for meeting spaces for our monthly meetings, as well as help subsidize or pay for food and drinks at these meetings
  3. Pay for the creation of pushcards, door hangers or other materials vital to canvassing efforts & mailing efforts intended to promote and increase Latino voter turnout
  4. Help pay for office supplies, software and equipment for use in phonebanking, canvassing and community forums
  5. Subsidize the costs of travel to State Convention & State Executive Committee Meetings
Tarrant County Tejano Democrats is a nonprofit organization that is entirely funded by donations from members, supporters and sponsors.

Every dollar counts!

All expenditures must be approved by a vote of the membership, so everyone has a say.

No money will be used to support or fund any candidate or other political committee. All money is strictly used to pay for our efforts to promote civic engagement, provide political educations, carry out grassroots efforts to organize our community and to promote our organization and its mission to empower Latino Democrats.

Thank you for your donation. Muchas gracias!

Sal Espino, Jr.
President, Tarrant County Tejano Democrats
State Vice Chair for Youth, Tejano Democrats

Contribution rules

  1. I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
  2. This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  3. I am making this contribution with my own personal credit card and not with a corporate or business credit card or a card issued to another person.
  4. I am at least eighteen years old.