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The future of St. Paul depends on our ability to ensure our communities and businesses thrive. The issues that we face are bigger than any one person or neighborhood can tackle. I hear similar messages talking to people throughout the city, with the common theme being that "no one is listening." The city is gentrifying. Rents and mortgages are becoming unaffordable. City services are declining despite double digit tax increases. Small businesses are closing. And again - no one is listening. I am the leader that will represent us ALL, hold the city accountable, and fight for our communities. I am committed to dismantling the systemic problems that hinder our forward progress and working together to ensure that we have a completely transparent city government that not only listens to the people it represents, but takes action to support our residents. 


Multiple disparities still exist that prevent members of our community and city from receiving equal access to things like: basic public services; opportunities for education and employment advancement; affordable housing that is readily accessible and connected to transportation hubs; and easy access to amenities and arts.

As our city continues to grow and diversify it is imperative that our laws, policies, initiatives, and visions are inclusive and beneficial for everyone – renters and homeowners; employers and employees; communities and cultures; students and teachers; and the future generations that will call St. Paul their home.

Every donation helps - no matter the amount. Checks are also accepted via mail or drop-off at:

Committee to Elect Tarrence Robertson

1926 Marshall Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55104

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