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*Breaking News* Act 10 Upheld {action needed}

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You may have heard by now that Wisconsin's hyper-partisan Supreme Court upheld both Act 10 and the Voter Suppression law.

I was there three years ago when we saw the largest attack on working families in the history of Wisconsin. I stood side by side with my Assembly Democratic colleagues, debating for over 60 hours, defending our citizens' right to collectively bargain and their right to vote. It is shameful that our highest court has ruled in favor of these laws which move our state backwards. Chip in $5 now to help us respond immediately to these court decisions. Chip in $25 now to help put boots on the ground to spread our grassroots message. Chip in $50 now to help buy TV ads to show what the Assembly Democrats stand for. Chip in $100 now to help us win on Election Day with the strongest GOTV plan our state has ever seen. Today's decisions are a setback, but more importantly, they can be our rallying point. A moment when we stand together with one voice to say 'no more'. This is the tipping point where Wisconsinites from Bayfield to Platteville decide that we are going in the wrong direction as a state. This is a tipping point towards a desire for new leadership in Madison.

Any donation, large or small can help us towards victory.

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