Machaela Cavanaugh

Machaela Cavanaugh

Give $10 for Title X. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts and his supporters in the legislature launched an all-out assault on women's health services.

Governor Ricketts and his supporters inserted language in a mainline budget bill which sought to ban funding to all federally funded clinics in our state that provide referrals for abortion services, even for the life of the mother. This move runs afoul of federal law and would have jeopardized all Title X funding to Nebraska providers.

Title X federal funding is critical for health providers across our state who provide family planning and contraceptive services for 28,000 low income Nebraska women.

A compromise was ultimately enacted to safeguard much of the federal funding put at risk, but the policy enacted bans Title X funding to all Planned Parenthood clinics in Nebraska. This dangerous policy will cause 8,000 low-income women from accessing critical family planning services.

Governor Ricketts and his supporters in the legislature have launched an all-out war on women's reproductive health. We must make a stand. Please consider donating $10 to my campaign for legislature. Let's show Governor Ricketts and his supporters that we will not give up the fight for health care access for all!

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