Toss-up Twenty

There is a culture of corruption in Washington, where the Republican Congress cares more about serving their political party than the people in their district.

In 2018, we can change that by electing a Democratic Congress, who can restore the ethical standards that have been lost in the last decade. Instead of passing massive tax cuts that go to billionaires, Democrats plan to work on issues like healthcare and jobs.

**Who will get these resources?**

Donating on this page will send your money to the twenty districts that are true toss-ups in 2018. (per the House forecast.) The candidates in these districts need every dollar they can get in order to identify and convince every possible voter that a Democrat needs to represent their district to end the Republican culture of corruption. The impact of each dollar you donate in these districts is VERY high.

The candidates in all of these districts are in tough races, and Democrats aren't going to win all of them. But with your donation these candidates will have the resources to compete harder. Winning the majority of these races will likely be the tipping point that turns the House blue.

(If you live an a district that's competitive, please, please, PLEASE go to that candidate's website and sign up to help! This form is set up to help those who are fortunate enough to be able to donate money to do so.)

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