Support these Game Changers and Take Back the House

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Tim is going all-in to elect these Game Changers to be champions for working people in Congress.

Chip in $1 or more to each candidate and support our efforts to take back the House >>

Lauren Baer (FL-18) -- Human rights attorney and public servant running to be the first LGBT Congresswoman from Florida.

Joe Cunningham (SC-01) -- Ocean engineer, small-business-owner, and attorney seeking an upset in a Red District.

Ron DiNicola (PA-16) -- Marine Veteran and former boxer who wants to go to the mat for working people in Western PA.

Theresa Gasper (OH-10) -- Grew her own successful business in Southwest Ohio. Relentless advocate for improving housing policies.

Ken Harbaugh (OH-07) -- Navy Veteran who created jobs for veterans in disaster areas. Outspoken proponent of new leadership in both parties.

Kathy Manning (NC-13) -- Businesswoman, philanthropist, and community leader in Greensboro swimming strong against the tide in a heavily gerrymandered district.

Lucy McBath (GA-06) -- Mother of Jordan Davis, a teen killed by gun violence. She turned her grief into activism for gun reform and a better democracy.

Danny O'Connor (OH-12) -- Dynamic young Ohio leader who nearly flipped a Red District in August despite millions in attacks, now back for round two!

Richard Ojeda (WV-03) -- Politico calls him “JFK with tattoos and a bench press.” State Senator, U.S. Army Veteran, and hero of the West Virginia teachers’ strike.

Aftab Pureval (OH-01) -- Saved Ohio taxpayers nearly $900,000 as Hamilton County Clerk of Courts. Practices what he preaches by offering employees paid family leave and a living wage.

Betsy Rader (OH-14) -- Grew up in poverty to become a civil rights lawyer and work at Medicare and Medicaid. Running in a gerrymandered Ohio district.

Haley Stevens (MI-11) -- Technology business leader and former Chief of Staff for Obama’s Auto Rescue running in one of the nation’s swingiest districts.

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