Flip Rural Virginia BLUE in 2021

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Trudy Berry for Delegate - Virginia House District 61

This District has had a Republican in the seat since 1994. This District has had a man in the seat since at least 1948! Help elect a Democrat and Woman on November 2, 2021.

Virginia flipped blue in 2019, but the rural Democrats were left behind. Let’s not leave them behind in 2021. Two more years of the status quo is almost too much to bear. Already, rural counties have become Second Amendment Sanctuary counties with more jumping on that bandwagon even though proposed 2020 legislation does not appear to include confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens.

We need to remain strong and get more Democrats elected to the General Assembly to ensure we ratify the ERA, repeal Right to Work, increase the state minimum wage, get funding for schools, expand broadband and cell phone service to all rural areas, clean up our environment, and fight climate change.

Help Trudy get her name, face, and message out to more people in the District to earn more votes in 2021. If you donated to her 2019 campaign, thank you so much, and please consider doubling your contribution to her 2021 campaign.

Trudy is frugal with her funds, but she needs to be able to purchase more advertising and hold more Meet & Greet events. Her campaign can benefit from a paid staff and an office with all the necessary equipment. She was out-funded and out-spent by her opponent in 2019; she was out-voted 2 to 1. Help her close those gaps and flip those votes in 2021.

Every donation is important; small or large one-time or monthly donations are helpful and greatly appreciated.

Please visit campaign website to learn more and SIGN UP AS A VOLUNTEER.

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  2. I am at least eighteen years old.
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