Truth In Democracy PAC

Our Goals: #MoscowMitch & Cronies are Out, Election Security Needs and More.

We launched today! Great timing right! I think it was Kismet all Paperwork was Finalized Friday. We have 18 months.

Let's do this..

I'll keep this short. I thought I could lend my talents and those of my team to campaigns that would help further the progressive agenda and do what I can with my unique talents to further three things:

There are three distinct goals of this Super PAC.  

First to expose the GOP Members that may be Corrupted by Russia or other countries. There have been well publicized instances of their financial ties and travel to Russia. Also worth exposing is their reluctance to ever either place or uphold sanctions on Russia. The target for these videos will be Rand Paul, Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell.. 

The second goal is to create sharable, soundbite :30 second videos that can be played on social media as well as Spot Cable in Red 2016 Districts that detail Trump Admin Corruption and provide some counter to the Opinion Pieces many may be hearing on conservative media outlets.

The third goal is to highlight public press stories that highlight where our votes may have been compromised. There are literally dozens of media stories where there was voter data exposed as well as credible stories on the how insecure our 2020 election is with our current equipment. 

Benchmark #1 - Highlight Russian Ties to #MoscowMitch while he is on recess. We need about $7,000 to do a good Cable Campaign. If we get more, it will go to spot radio in KY.

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