2020 Senate: Meet the Battleground

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Democrats need to take back the Senate in 2020.

Many races have yet to form this early on, but Dems are largely playing on offense across the map.

Senate Breakdown:

AL - Jones (D) v. → Leans Rep

AZ - McSally (R) v. Kelly (D) → Toss Up

CO - Gardner (R) v. → Toss Up

GA - Perdue (R) v. → Leans Rep

IA - Ernst (R) v. → Leans Rep

KS - Open (R) v. → Likely Rep

KY - McConnell (R) v. McGrath (D) → Leans Rep

ME - Collins (R) v. → Toss Up

MT - Daines (R) v. → Likely Rep

NH - Shaheen (D) v. → Leans Dem

NC - Tillis (R) v. Cunningham (D) → Toss Up

SC - Graham (R) v. → Likely Rep

TX - Cornyn (R) v. Hegar (D) → Leans Rep

Winning it for THE PEOPLE!!!

Please promote this page to anyone you know and let's finish with a strong victory. The special interests were wanting to BUY another election, but the strength of WE THE PEOPLE stopped them.

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