Tuckahoe Democratic Committee (NY)

Omayra Andino & Sarah DeRise for Tuckahoe Village Board

This year, we have fielded two inspiring individuals to carry our mantle. Omayra Andino and Sarah DeRise have been involved with philanthropic foundations and civic organizations for many years, and have donated a considerable amount of time to local causes.

As our candidates, they have promoted our shared values of increased community involvement in village decision-making, more sensible development, and improved fiscal management.

While Omayra and Sarah have been working hard knocking on doors and engaging with as many residents as possible, your contribution is necessary for them to stay competitive in this race and cross the finish line. In the coming weeks we will be purchasing lawn signs, printing literature and continuing to spread our positive message of change.

We would like to thank in advance for your support and look forward to seeing you out on the campaign trail!

The Tuckahoe Democratic Committee

For more information on Omayra and Sarah, visit www.tuckahoedemocrats.com.

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