Turnout Blue Virginia

Let's Win !!!

When We Vote…We Win

When voter turnout increases, and more people vote, Democrats win.

Turnout Blue is an effort to reach out to occasional voters, those who only vote in Presidential election years. We have targeted precincts in competitive House of Delegate races in the upcoming 2017 election in Virginia.

An example is the Orange precinct of the 42nd Assembly District. Of the people that only voted in the Presidential election, Hillary Clinton received 90% of their vote. At Turnout Blue - Virginia, we will aggressively work to get these voters to the polls, and vote BLUE!

We are raising money to conduct an aggressive campaign to reach out to these voters, with mail, phone calls, and canvassing.

 We cannot expect to win elections, if we continue to ignore the casual voters who support Democrats overwhelmingly when they do vote.

The current political atmosphere provides opportunity in decades to activate these voters.

 Please help us get these voters to the polls.

Turnout Blue - Virginia is a registered committee with the Commonwealth of Virginia. For more information, e-mail: Turnoutblue@gmail.com, or call 703-623-0886

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  2. I am at least eighteen years old.
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