Upgrade the Senate

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Senate Republicans wasted no time politicizing Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, immediately proclaiming that President Obama should ignore his constitutional duty and not fill Scalia's Supreme Court seat.

It’s a ridiculous, insulting and desperate stance but one with weight—Republicans can hold the Supreme Court hostage with partisan games indefinitely so long as they hold the Senate majority.

The Supreme Court is currently hearing cases that could determine the fate of labor unions, the right to choose, affirmative action, the environment and more. Electing a Democratic Senate is the only way to guarantee that a liberal justice is confirmed to the Court if Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues follow through on their outrageous, unprecedented threats to force a year-long vacancy on the Supreme Court.

That's why Daily Kos has launched Upgrade the Senate. On this page, you can contribute to as many, or as few, of our endorsed candidates for Senate as you wish.

Please contribute now to elect a Democratic Senate.