Universal Preschool Now

Universal Preschool NOW!

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What if every family was guaranteed high-quality preschool, regardless of their ability to pay? Would it transform your life, or that of someone you know? This can be a reality — from Chicago to Washington, D.C. to New York City, universal preschool programs are being successfully implemented nationwide. And with your support, Multnomah County can vote for universal preschool in November 2020!

Providing young children with quality care and education is the best way to raise high school graduation rates, lower incarceration rates, and reduce unemployment. But many families are burdened with monthly childcare costs as high as their rent or mortgage payment, just for one child. Meanwhile, childcare workers often report wages so low that they can't afford to send their own children to preschool.

Our vision for universal preschool builds on existing programs to allow all parents in our community to choose what's best for their families. We want:

  • Play-based, culturally-responsive preschool in the parents’ choice of setting
  • All 4-year-olds eligible to enroll at no cost, regardless of family income
  • All preschool caregivers and teachers to be paid a living wage
  • To sustainably fund the program with new revenue from a tax on very high incomes
  • NO tax increases for at least 95% of households

All children deserve the opportunity to thrive. Whether you're a parent, childcare worker, or just someone who wants to live in a happier, more prosperous community, join us in making Multnomah County the best it can be!

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