Virginia Legislature Seats to Flip and Defend

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We're down by one seat in each chamber. Here are nine Assembly seats we gotta keep or take and four flippable Senate seats.

R-held Assembly seats These five seats became bluer after the gerrymander was thrown out. 66, Governor Northam won by 5%. 76, by 21%. 83, by 11%. 91, by 8%. And 94, by 21%.

D-held Assembly seats Our candidates won by the following margins: 10 by 4%, 68 by 1%, 73 by 3%, and 85 by 2% (now it's been redrawn bluer--Northam won by 11%).

R-held Senate seats Hillary beat Trump in all of these districts in 2016. Margins for the last Senate elections in 2015: we lost 7 by 8%, 8 by 18%, 10 by 3%, and 13 by 5%.

So, all we gotta do is flip two seats total and hold onto the rest. Sounds doable to me!

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