Vikings better than Packers?

As Wisconsinites, we take our sports' border battle rivalries very seriously.  Badgers vs. Gophers.  Packers vs. Vikings.

In sports arenas, we usually enjoy victories over our Minnesota neighbors.  

Unfortunately, with Scott Walker and his Tea Party legislative cronies quarterbacking the direction of the state, we aren’t even close to competing with our Minnesotan counterparts.  

The New York Times recently ran an opinion piece highlighting the differences between Wisconsin and Minnesota.  

Talk about a tale of two states.    

Wisconsin lags behind Minnesota in job creation and economic development.  Meanwhile, Minnesota has invested in essential existing and vital private sector infrastructure like the Mayo Clinic, a new call center for Delta, and 3M to foster economic growth.   

Here in Wisconsin, instead of investing in communities, Governor Walker cut essential public programs such as K-12 education.   
Even when it comes to healthcare, we pay more, while Minnesotans pay less.  

Will you donate $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford to bench these Assembly Republican extremists and put our state back in fighting form once again? 
The only way that we can compete with our border rivals once again is to replace the Tea Party Republicans in the state Assembly. With your help, we will prevail.  

Thanks for all that you do.  


Rep. Peter Barca

Assembly Democratic Leader

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