Firing the referees

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Did you see the outrageous comments made this week by Republican Speaker Robin Vos?

At a political luncheon he said "Kevin Kennedy has to go. He needs to be gone. He is an embarassment, and I can't say it any more emphatically than I am right now."

Vos also indicated that the Government Accountability Board would not come back in its current format. This is absolutely outrageous. Scott Walker and the Assembly Republicans continue to try and rig the game in their favor. It wasn't enough that they blatantly gerrymandered the districts in their favor and created electoral rules which suppress Democratic votes. Now, they want to fire the non-partisan referees who are charged with ensuring that elections are fair and that our officials are following the rules.

We knew the GOP was power hungry, but now they're going way too far. Will you donate $15 today to show you want fair elections in Wisconsin.

If we don't stem this tide now, Wisconsin may be lost forever under a avalanche of corporate interests. We simply can't let the Republicans kick out the only people who are in charge of ensuring that the people's will is respected.

While they may have the Koch Brothers, we have the hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters like yourself who want their state back. It's up to us.

Your donation of just $15 will help us push back against this dangerous idea.

We cannot go back to the days when there was strictly partisans making decisions about our elections system. Together, we must stop Robin Vos and his extreme agenda.

Thank you for all that you do.


Peter Barca Assembly Minority Leader

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