Vote Forward

Vote Forward Boosts Voter Turnout to Help Elect Democrats

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Vote Forward is a nonprofit organization working to boost voter turnout among unlikely voters, to help Democratic candidates win elections. We coordinate volunteers to send "Please Vote!" letters to unlikely voters. We believe handwritten letters are one of if not the most effective and efficient ways of increasing voter turnout. How do we know? Because in our first two pilot experiments we saw big increases in voter turnout among letter recipients compared to our control groups: 3.9% points and 1.4% points in Alabama in 2017 and Ohio in summer of 2018, respectively. We conduct all of our campaigns as randomized trials. It's the only way to know what works.

In 2018, thousands of Vote Forward volunteers sent more than 1.2 million letters to 56 battleground districts, helping Democrats take decisive control of the House of Representatives. In 2019, we're planning campaigns for important state-level races in Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi, as well as any Congressional special elections that arise from retirements. We're also building a system to make it easy to send hand-written letters to boost voter registration in key battlegrounds.

As an all-volunteer organization, our biggest expense is data. Although each record is pretty cheap — 1.8 cents — the costs add up quickly. Each dollar you donate allows us to buy about 55 addresses.

Recurring donations are particularly appreciated as they make it much easier to plan for the future.


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