Your automatic donation amount will be evenly split among multiple recipients, who all support basic income policies. You can also allocate specific amounts of your donation, or choose to not support specific recipients.

Recipients in favor of $1000/month for all citizens

  • Andrew Yang for President
  • Jonathan Herzog for Congress (NY-10)
  • James Felton Keith for Congress (NY-13)
  • David Kim for Congress (CA-34)
  • Humanity Forward Fund, an organization supporting outreach efforts of independent volunteers for UBI candidates

Recipients in favor of a different UBI, tax credit, or unspecified basic income policy

  • Mel Gagarin for Congress (NY-06)
  • Brianna Wu for Congress (MA-8)
  • Morgan Harper for Congress (OH-3)
  • Briana Urbina for Congress (MD-05)

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a floor of income, guaranteed by the Federal Government, paid for by harnessing the vast wealth of our economy to benefit every American

UBI is an idea that has existed in this country before it was called the United States. Historically, advocacy for basic income spans the political spectrum and has been endorsed by economists and politicians on the left, right, and in the center. But like most economically progressive legislation, it gets put on the backburner due to a lack of political will and a desire among many elected representatives to maintain the status-quo.

But we can change that!

By donating today, you can help elect candidates who pledge to bring basic income to your family and community!

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