Wallace the Mayor for Martinsville

We all deserve an equal chance - it is time we made this a reality.

Change begins at home with those issues and concerns that affect us daily. Which is why I am running for Mayor of Martinsville. Martinsville has been blessed with one of the greatest locations you could find. The rolling foothills of South-Central Indiana, majestic woodlands, expansive agricultural fields, iconic streams, and rivers, and some of the greatest skies, clouds, and sunsets you will ever see. With all that, 25 miles north is Indianapolis, the largest city and economic hub in Indiana and 20 minutes south the technical and education centers of Bloomington. We are perfectly situated to draw up and benefit from this location and yet Martinsville is like a fallow field. It is time to put this field into production. Martinsville can be an auxiliary support center for economic and technical companies while providing a natural environment that is healthful for employees, affordable housing, ready access via Interstate 69 and State Road 67, and with some effort a functioning airport.

What do we need:

1. Full-time jobs that pay a living wage and benefits

2. An economic and industrial zone/park

3. Remediation of the Martinsville Superfund Site and securing a safe municipal water system. Indiana has the 11th highest cancer rate in the country and Morgan County by some accounts the 2nd. highest rate in Indiana.

4. A city that lives within its means and that addresses the needs of the citizens of Martinsville and not certain special interest groups and the whims of administrators. Controlled spending and less taxation.

5. This year Martinsville School District will receive nearly $800,000 less in funding from the State. Every student in our community deserves the right to a quality and equal education for this is where our future begins. The practice of “lunch shaming” needs to be eliminated - every student while engaged in public academic activities should be provided with the nourishment necessary thereby allowing them to excel in their studies. Students are the future of Martinsville.

6. Skatepark and community recreational facility.

7. Grocery store in downtown Martinsville

8.Citywide WIFI

We all deserve an equal chance - it is time we made this a reality.




I hear you and I see you.

This is your Party and this is our time we have the opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference in what is happening in our Country and the World. The foundation of that always starts at home - at the Grassroots - you are the Grassroots. It is from here that we influence the State Legislature and from there Congress. But, we can not succeed without your local support - we have to have a voice here so that we have a voice there! Support your local Candidates and your local Party.

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