Jennifer Williamson

Your contribution will help Jennifer Williamson defend our democracy and protect Oregon’s progressive values.

Jennifer Williamson has been a proven progressive leader in the Oregon State House. At a time when Trump and extremists around the country are trying to undermine our basic rights and turn back the clock, Jennifer Williamson has stood up and fought for the progressive values we share. 

As House Democratic leader, Jennifer Williamson guaranteed access to birth control and reproductive health care. Williamson took on the NRA and wrote the law that removed guns and ammunition from the hands of convicted abusers and stalkers. And Jennifer led the effort to pass the most progressive paid family leave law in the country. 

Now Jennifer is ready to take on new challenges as Oregon’s next Secretary of State. With the future of our democracy on the line, Williamson knows the stakes couldn’t be higher. 

Be one of the first donors to Jennifer’s campaign to protect our democracy and defend what makes Oregon unique.  

Want to contribute by mail? Contributions can be sent to 3321 SE 20th Ave. Portland, OR 97202

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