Lissa Lucas

Fight for Property Rights in WV

Let's fight to protect property rights and property values in West Virginia. DONATE to candidates who'll fight for the rights of mineral owners and surface owners---who'll oppose legislation like forced pooling, right-to-trespass, and eminent domain for private gain.

We deserve good neighbors, not corporate invaders!

Yet every year, bought legislators try to sell more and more of your rights to corporate interests in exchange for campaign donations. In 2017, our state government took away property values protections, sneakily tried to legalize Forced Pooling under a new name, and fought to give corporations the right to trespass on your property without your permission.

This year they're doing the same.


Support the people who will fight for your rights. Your contribution will be divided between these WV candidates who'll fight to protect your property rights and property values:

  • Lissa Lucas, running for WV House of Delegates in WV-07
  • Dakota Nelson, running for WV House of Delegates in WV-16
  • Jeanette Rowsey, running for WV House of Delegates in WV-17
  • Selina Vickers, running for WV House of Delegates in WV-32
  • Stephanie Zucker, running for WV State Senate in WV-14
  • Mary Ann Claytor, running for WV State Senate in WV-17
Did we miss a candidate? To be added to this page, contact us. Recipients must have an ActBlue page, and must
  1. Protect the rights of mineral owners getting attacked with forced pooling, by any name (unitization, lease integration, joint development, etc.),
  2. Combat right-to-trespass and other corporate or legislative attacks on our property rights, and
  3. Support providing strong property values protections for surface owners. 

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