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In these momentous times, local political parties play a vital role in organizing and supporting the grassroots activism that wins elections!

The Yakima County Democrats create opportunities for people to be involved in the democratic process, at both the local and state level.

Over the past years, and especially during the 2018 election cycle, we laid the foundation for the work we'll need to do this year to elect Democrats. Now, we need to put all our skills and resources to use to reach out to voters in the 14th and 15th Legislative Districts, and the 4th Congressional District. We need to train new leaders, bring more young people into the political process, register thousands of new voters, and actively support Democratic candidates for office.

All of these vital activities have operating costs, both in money, and in volunteers' time and skill. We are an all-volunteer local organization, and we are funded entirely by donations. This is why we need both your active participation, and your ongoing financial support.

Your donation will support our local office, programs, and volunteer activities as we work to support legislation and candidates who will advance the values and policies we care deeply about, and that are essential to the creation of peaceful, healthy, and just communities.

Thank you for your support! You are helping us to create a government that works for ALL of us!

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