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Yang Month has now concluded, but our work is just getting started. Every dollar donated goes directly to supporting Human Centered Capitalism, Universal Basic Income & creating a New Way Forward for ALL OF US.

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What is Yang Month?

Iowa is the most pressing concern for the Andrew Yang campaign. To acquire delegates from any district, Yang needs 15%. Without it? All his votes go to another candidate, he wins no delegates, and all our work here is in vain. Currently, Yang sits at 3%. Drastic action is needed.

After the roaring success of Yang Week, Yang Month is our new mission to win Iowa, create a domino effect through the primaries, and take Andrew Yang to the White House. For the month of January, Yangsters from across America are flooding to Iowa in droves for intensive campaigning. We are knocking on every door, speaking to every Iowan, securing every vote. This is a game of numbers, and if you know anything about the Yang Gang, you know this is more than possible. All we need is the financial support to get highly trained, devoted supporters on the streets. For that, we need your help.

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