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Contribute Now to John Laferla For Co...
160 $31,982.00
John LaFerla for Congress
47 $8,165.00
People Over Politics
Ron Pagano, JD
15 $735.00
A Reception In Honor Of Dr. John LaFerla
Dr. Eric Ciganek
9 $2,335.00
Contribute Now to Pro-Choice MDs runn...
Sophia Yen MD MPH
4 $1,209.88
Ending the War on Women's Health Care
Janice D. Manyak
2 $135.00
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John LaFerla
2 $150.00
True Governance
Roger Burt
2 $220.00
Kent County for LaFerla
Clark Bjorke
2 $125.00
A Candidate Meet & Greet
Linda & Phil Dutton
1 $100.00
Donate to John LaFerla
1 $250.00