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Reception in honor of Mayor Kenney - June 14th
April 14th - Kenney Reception
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Arts & Culture Event
Breakfast Reception
Reception for Jim Kenney for Mayor Jim Kenney for Mayor
Cocktail Reception at Bliss
8.31 Palomar
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Join Kenney for Mayor - Hosted by Carl Dranoff
Breaking: Williams attacks
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Paradiso's with Jim Kenney
Jim Kenney for Mayor
Support Page
Galdo's - Kenney 2015
Our First General Election Deadline
Reception with Jim Kenney
Help Make Jim the Next Mayor of Philadelphia
May 11 - Cappelli Fundraiser
Jim Kenney for Mayor
Join Jim Kenney for Mayor at The Sardine Bar
Help Re-Elect Mayor Kenney in Philadelphia!
Fels Alumni for Kenney
Join Jim Kenney for Mayor at the South Philadelphia Tap Room
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